From the re-writing and subsequent staging of Ulysses by James Joyce stems a representation conjoining literature, performing arts, visual arts, and cinema.
All this in a design to realise, relying on the leading-edge ‘live movie’ format, a cross-media interpretation of the Irish writer’s masterpiece.
Using 4G networks and a dedicated app, live direction will be aimed at combining and transmitting in real time 18 chapters of Joyce’s novel, destructured and re-composed in three parallel sequences. These will be represented simultaneously by three protagonists, in one day, in different places of the city of Torino. 
Real contexts and situations, filmed with technical devices (not only professional), will thus be harnessed and shown not only through live streaming, but also in a physical space where the actors will truly meat to give breath of life to the final episodes of this work.
A creative work, which, in its climax, will be transposed from the virtual dimension on screen to reality as a stage.